About DAK Simulations
DAK Simulations provides virtual reality Sprint car racing in a competitve environment. Race fans can race the simulators to compete for prizes at events across the nation. We strive to give to public the most realistic racing opportunity for a very low cost.

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After years of racing DAK SIMS decided to approach racing from a different angle. To be invloved in racing in some manner, the owners of DAK made the decision to fabricate a virtual world of racing so that fans could enjoy the sport even more than from the grandstands. Families can now race in simulator cars that have actually raced on speedways around America.
New Announcement

What's Going on at DAK? We are expanding our fleet of simulators. The next simulator car to be launched will be a Bryan Clauson replica car. It will be the first full size midget race car in our simulator collection. The all new simulator will have basic car movement and will have more interior components to give the simulator racers a more realistic virtual experience. We are excited about the new additions and look forward to entertaining fans with the new cars.

Bryan Clauson Midget Simulator

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